Creator of the most accurate dinosaurs today, advisor to the original Jurassic Park, and author of more than 40 dinosaur books, “Dino” Don Lessem is the world’s leading presenter of dinosaurs. He is a host for NOVA and Discovery Channel documentaries, and consultant to Disney and Universal Studios theme parks. In Patagonia, "Dino" Don led the reconstruction of the largest meat-eating dinosaur, Giganotosaurus, and the largest plant-eater, Argentinosaurus. He has explored for dinosaurs in Argentina, Mongolia, Canada, the American West and Arctic Alaska and raised more than 3 million dollars for dinosaur research. The prosauropod dinosaur Lessemsaurus from Argentina is named in his honor. Mr. Lessem's touring exhibitions displayed in notable locations such as the Bronx zoo and Heureka Science Center in Helsinki, Finland have been seen by millions internationally.




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